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Marie Jeanne Newbery

Visual Art Ontario

The way I see it.

We can all “look”but only a few will “see”. I paint because the urge to express feelings is always present.
Molding clay or using a brush is the only way to express happiness or sorrow; the abstract then becomes a solid object to be touched and enjoyed.
When momentum is created the process is under way. The understanding of the total process escapes me; it is probably reflected in the hermetic quality I cannot overcome in some of my work.
My hope is that all that can “look” will also”see”.

Ontario, Canada


Susan Murar

Visual Arts Canada

Susan Murar, Sculptor – BA, MFA, AOCAD

Nationally honoured Canadian sculptor Susan Murar has been creating monumental work related to the life and oeuvre of Norval Morrisseau, at Czechart Studio, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada for the past seven years. She sculpted the 1st 3D and monumental portrait: Norval Morrisseau Changing into Copper Thunderbird 8’x 6′ in two sections over a two year period of research and studio work. Since the completion of Morrisseau’s portrait SEE: Ancestoral Shaman/ Spirit Presence at the House of Invention/ Ascended Master/ Grandfather “Potan”. The sculptor Murar has represented Canada in international and national juried exhibitions in Sweden, England, Finland, Italy and across the U.S. and Canada, and is in the permanent collection of the National Library and Archives of Canada (14 bronzes), Ottawa-Gatineau Quebec, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, the University of Calgary-Special Collections-MacKimmi e Library, and Home Children Canada and many private collections (b. 42).


Kathy McBride

Visual Art Ontario

“I am devoted to creating paintings which emotionally resonate with the viewer.
Fusing my Fine Art training from the University of Guelph with my own memories & life experiences, I hope to stir emotions or fetch a smile.”

Duane Maki

Visual Art Ontario

Maki’s oil paintings are difficult to describe, impossible to explain. Spacescapes, landscapes, skyscapes, cloudscapes, innerscapes. Shapes and colours silently beckon one into oneself, guide towards the discovery of the hidden truths we hold most dear, our own truths. Portraits of despair and grandeur and distortion and hope. First inspired to pick up his brush in 1985, Maki has since been committing his sensitivities to canvas.



Chris MacClure

Visual Art British Columbia

“Art, I believe, is high creative play. A combination of wisdom, experience and innocence.”

Chris attended Sir George Williams’ University, Montreal and the Emily Carr School of Design, Vancouver, B.C. His works have been exhibited across Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Hong Kong and his paintings can be found in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide. Some collectors include, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, James Whitmore, Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, Pepsi Co., and the Ford Motor Corp. of Detroit who had, for the first time, licensed an artist to publish limited edition art pieces. This series, by Chris, is officially titled THE FORD COLLECTION.
Mexico Gallery Address:
Guerrero & Madero Sts., 2nd floor,
C.P. 23410 Downtown
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico
Ph/Fax: 011-52.624.14.363.99


International Mailing Address:
#106-1656 Martin Dr.
P.O. 201, S.
Surrey, British Columbia, V4A 6E7