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Rosalie Levi

Visual Art Quebec

“I am a visual artist/sculptor for 30years in Montreal. I have been creating sculpture from clay cast to bronze, mixed media, stone, paintings in acrylic and oil. I currently incorporated reclaimed objects into my mixed media sculpture. My work is very expressive, with movement and flowing lines, that invoke the viewers emotions and imagination.”



Brian LaSaga

Visual Art Newfoundland

Brian LaSaga is one of Newfoundland’s foremost realist painters whose high realism acrylic paintings depict nature and rustic themes,along with many of Newfoundland’s hidden treasures.All works are original and can be purchased through select art galleries.


Newfoundland, Canada


Ellie Lagrandeur

Visual Art Ontario

Ellie Lagrandeur is a natural-born artist. Having been born and raised in Northern Ontario had its benefits; the beauty of natural surroundings and abundant wildlife provided a fertile training ground as a young artist. Sketching and painting were regular pastimes in Ellie’s childhood; and at age 14, as recommended by her art teacher, she was designing and drawing the program covers for the Sudbury Little Theatre guild. In 1986 Ellie began her career as a professional artist, creating large-scale wall murals and canvas paintings. Much of her work features natural scenes that emphasize her love of animals.



Rosemary Kralik

Visual Art Ontario

Rosemary Kralik specializes in portraiture and figure studies, of people or animals, paintings in oils, on linen or other archival supports, drawings in graphite, ink, or other media, sculpture in clay, bronze, stainless steel, wood or glass. Materials and process indicate her exemplary concern for quality and longevity. As an artist who works by commission, “Special Projects” include Rosemary Kralik’s unique ability to realize in a painting or sculpture, the visions and events that reside only in a patron’s mind or heart. She is an international artist who has traveled and studied widely. Her Classic contemporary works reside in public and private collections world wide.
Image: Napiwa Waiting for the Dawn


Rosemary Kralik
Atelier Kralik
Box 1058
Snow Road Station
Ontario, K0H 2R0


Rudy Kehkla

Visual Art Canada

Sculpting air…wire holograms…

“My sculpture is mainly composed of air. I use bits of wire only to define that part of air to which I want to draw my audience’s attention. Minimal visual cues to assist the mind to define space, enclose volume, provoke mood or silently hear music or sound.

Sometimes no more than a simple gesture, my work can consist of a strand or two, or be a highly detailed study consisting of hundreds of pieces of wire.”