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Chris MacClure

Visual Art British Columbia

“Art, I believe, is high creative play. A combination of wisdom, experience and innocence.”

Chris attended Sir George Williams’ University, Montreal and the Emily Carr School of Design, Vancouver, B.C. His works have been exhibited across Canada, the U.S., Mexico and Hong Kong and his paintings can be found in numerous private and corporate collections worldwide. Some collectors include, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, James Whitmore, Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, Pepsi Co., and the Ford Motor Corp. of Detroit who had, for the first time, licensed an artist to publish limited edition art pieces. This series, by Chris, is officially titled THE FORD COLLECTION.
Mexico Gallery Address:
Guerrero & Madero Sts., 2nd floor,
C.P. 23410 Downtown
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico
Ph/Fax: 011-52.624.14.363.99


International Mailing Address:
#106-1656 Martin Dr.
P.O. 201, S.
Surrey, British Columbia, V4A 6E7


Lil Chrzan

Visual Art British Columbia

Contemporary Oil Paintings primarily “STILL LIFE” that are Rich in color and light. Realistic. Warm. Beautiful compositions. Evoke a sense of Nostalgia. Lil Chrzan is an Honors graduate from the Emily Carr College of Art in Vancouver. Since graduation she has participated in over 50 exhibitions throughout British Columbia.


6357 Argyle Ave
West Vancouver
British Columbia
V7W 2E5


Kris Borowski

Visual Art British Columbia

Kris was born in Poland and educated at the School of Architecture and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. In 1976 he came to live in Vancouver, where he now devotes all his time to painting. His works are mainly acrylic on canvas, full of light,colour and joy. Favourite themes are British Columbia landscapes with mountains, beaches, trees and sailboats. Provence and Italy, especially Venice, have also continued to inspire him. Examples can be seen on his website: www.krisborowskistudio.com. If you are in Vancouver, please visit his home gallery at 6311 Churchill Street. Call (604) 261 3632 for an appointment.


6311 Churchill Street
Vancouver, BC
V6M 3H8


Lively Willy Productions

Performance Art British Columbia

“We are a group of young professionals who are bringing modern methods of advertising to the age-old craft of the performing arts, small businesses, and, basically, anything!
Camden Filtness, Levi Hildebrand, and Lily Zarif have come together to create new, funny, and creative promotional videos. The team, made up of experienced artists and creators from Vancouver, BC, looks forward to creating videos for you! To learn more, click the “About Us” tab above. Read our blog “Under the Shell” for information on current projects.”