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Gilroy Stained Glass

Hand Crafted British Columbia

John and Laura Gilroy AMGP have been involved in producing stained glass since 1985 when they began an intensive apprentice education in one of England’s oldest studios founded in 1788. There they mastered the traditional skills used in creating new windows and in the preservation and restoration of existing windows. They specialize in traditional and contemporary glass painting at their Vancouver studio.

laura @ gilroystainedglass.com


Caddell Designs

Hand Crafted British Columbia

Avis B. Caddell: Quilt maker and Fabric Artist
While I have tried other creative outlets, the tactile pleasure of working with fabric and manipulating it into original quilt designs is what I love most. I have moved away from producing purely decorative pieces and have begun to concentrate on using my quilts as a vehicle to explore and expose personal and social issues. I feel driven to try to influence the acceptance of this medium on an equal basis with other art forms and to encourage an appreciation of quilts for their beauty and sometimes profound messages all the while remembering and valuing their modest roots.


North Saanich, British Columbia
Fax 250.655.0276