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Susan Murar

Visual Arts Canada

Susan Murar, Sculptor – BA, MFA, AOCAD

Nationally honoured Canadian sculptor Susan Murar has been creating monumental work related to the life and oeuvre of Norval Morrisseau, at Czechart Studio, in Stratford, Ontario, Canada for the past seven years. She sculpted the 1st 3D and monumental portrait: Norval Morrisseau Changing into Copper Thunderbird 8’x 6′ in two sections over a two year period of research and studio work. Since the completion of Morrisseau’s portrait SEE: Ancestoral Shaman/ Spirit Presence at the House of Invention/ Ascended Master/ Grandfather “Potan”. The sculptor Murar has represented Canada in international and national juried exhibitions in Sweden, England, Finland, Italy and across the U.S. and Canada, and is in the permanent collection of the National Library and Archives of Canada (14 bronzes), Ottawa-Gatineau Quebec, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, the University of Calgary-Special Collections-MacKimmi e Library, and Home Children Canada and many private collections (b. 42).


Rudy Kehkla

Visual Art Canada

Sculpting air…wire holograms…

“My sculpture is mainly composed of air. I use bits of wire only to define that part of air to which I want to draw my audience’s attention. Minimal visual cues to assist the mind to define space, enclose volume, provoke mood or silently hear music or sound.

Sometimes no more than a simple gesture, my work can consist of a strand or two, or be a highly detailed study consisting of hundreds of pieces of wire.”