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Syncrude Community Investment, Scholarships, Awards

Funding and Grants Edmonton, Alberta

Community Investment

“Syncrude is proud to support organizations and endeavours in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and Edmonton that improve education, environment, health and safety, science and technology, Aboriginal and community development, arts and culture and recreation.”


Scholarships and Awards

For more than 30 years, Syncrude has provided financial support to students attending educational institutions in Alberta. We’re proud to have helped thousands of students get the education they need to build successful careers in a variety of disciplines, including engineering, trades, nursing, education and environmental sciences. And we are pleased to continue to offer assistance through numerous scholarships and awards.


Community Initiatives Program

Funding and Grants, Alberta

“The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) funds initiatives that enhance and enrich communities throughout Alberta. The program:

Reinvests revenues generated from provincial lotteries to communities
Empowers local citizens and community organizations to work together
Responds to local needs.”


S’Cool Life Fund

Funding and Grants Canada

“Each year the S’Cool Life Fund supports on average 100 projects across the country. This year is no different we will be funding 96 projects another phenomenal year. We support DREAMS – Drama, Recreation, Extra-Curricular, Arts, Music, or Sports. Schools that have been successful in receiving a grant have amazed us with their applications for projects reaching the most children with the most interesting things – CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLES! S’Cool does not look to fund core academic subjects, but instead those areas that fall outside of the core curriculum but are no less important for a child’s development.”


Calgary ARts Development

Funding and Grants Calgary, Alberta

“Vision: A creative, connected Calgary through the arts.
Mission: Calgary Arts Development supports and strengthens the arts to benefit all Calgarians.

As the city’s designated arts development authority, Calgary Arts Development supports and strengthens the arts to benefit all Calgarians. We invest and allocate municipal funding for the arts provided by The City of Calgary and leverage these funds to provide additional resources to the arts sector. Our programs support hundreds of arts organizations, individual artists, artist collectives and ad hoc groups in Calgary.

Calgary Arts Development strives to increase and use our resources wisely, foster collaborative relationships and make the arts integral to the lives of Calgarians. We are a connector, facilitator, collaborator, champion, supporter, amplifier, investor, catalyst and opportunity-maker.”