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Melwood Cutlery

Performance Art Ontario

“It’s not a ‘what’ or a ‘where’ … it’s a ‘who’. With a name as eccentric as he is, Melwood Cutlery is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. An inveterate presence on the Canadian Roots music scene, he has delighted audiences from DawsonCity, Yukon to Austin, Texas. Drawing on over three decades of wide ranging influences, Melwood offers a little bit of somethingfor everyone. He’s a songwriter’s songwriter- and a master guitarist, piano player and singer, to boot. His lyrics and the stories they tell cover a lot of territory- from his Highway 7 roots to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He creates classic folk music that is as subtle as it is disarming. With his instrumentation that includes acoustic guitars, piano, harmonica, a sprinkling of blues and a pinch of jazz…”


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