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MES Michael Squires

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AUTOBLOG: Digitalist Artist. Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University with concentration in philosophy of art (1981). First art portfolio presentation at The Cleveland Institute of Art (2003). Attended coursework in videography, at The Corcoran in Washington, D.C. (2006). Founded “Digitalistic Art” (2006/2007). Established “The Aesthetic Consortium” (2007), an ongoing project for Digitalist artists and artworks. Major works include “Existence Is The Nihilist’s Foe,” “The Flats,” “MESart,” and “DigitalCanada.”
My interests are aesthetically from a Digital perspective in the creation and display of my art. Finding new media to present/channel my art is both the challenge and the objective overall.

101 Old Oak Place
Thurmont, Maryland
21788-1853 USA

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