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Rosemary Kralik

Visual Art Ontario

Rosemary Kralik specializes in portraiture and figure studies, of people or animals, paintings in oils, on linen or other archival supports, drawings in graphite, ink, or other media, sculpture in clay, bronze, stainless steel, wood or glass. Materials and process indicate her exemplary concern for quality and longevity. As an artist who works by commission, “Special Projects” include Rosemary Kralik’s unique ability to realize in a painting or sculpture, the visions and events that reside only in a patron’s mind or heart. She is an international artist who has traveled and studied widely. Her Classic contemporary works reside in public and private collections world wide.
Image: Napiwa Waiting for the Dawn


Rosemary Kralik
Atelier Kralik
Box 1058
Snow Road Station
Ontario, K0H 2R0


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