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Canada Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade: Arts and Cultural Industries : Arts et Industries Culturelles

Funding & Grants Canada

DFAIT Arts Promotion :
*The Canada/Mexico Creative Arts Agreement
*Visiting Foreign Artists Program

DFAIT Film, Video and Television :
*Travel Grants for International Martet Development
*Canadian Festivals: Grants for International Business Development

DFAIT Literature and Publishing :

DFAIT Performing Arts:
Project Guidelines for Professional Artists & Arts & Cultural Organizations :
*Canadian Performers: How to enter U.S.
*International Touring Projects
*International Career Development Projects
*Support for Canadian Festivals and Projects

DFAIT Visual and Media Arts:
Project Guidelines for Professional Artists & Arts Organizations & Institutions :
*International Touring of Canadian art exhibitions
*Preparatory Tours
*Incoming Familiarization Visits
*International Career Development
*Major International Art Events


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