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Jack Galvin

Visual Art Ontario

Working in acrylics, Jack is primarily inspired by people and the energies they project. His bold style immediately connects you to his vibrant vision of the world. During the 1960 s Jack worked out of his studio in Yorkville and was the lead designer for the Canadian First Nations pavilion at Expo 67, known at the time as the Canadian Indian pavilion. Although few unsold originals of his work are available, you can purchase high quality reproductions through www.jackgalvin.com.


Joe Fafard, Sculptor

Visual Art Saskatchewan

Bonnie Bucklyvie, Bronze 1999, 8.5 ft high, University of Saskatoon

Nationally and internationally acclaimed sculptor Joe Fafard lives and works from his studio near Regina. Joe was an instructor in sculpture, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, and visiting lecturer in sculpture, University of California at Davis. He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Order of Canada (officer) and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada Allied Arts Award.
Already well-known as a ceramic sculptor, he turned to bronze sculpture and opened a foundry, Julienne Atelier Inc. in Pense. He has works in major collections across Canada, including the National Gallery of Canada and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and in numerous collections around the world.

Regina, Saskatchewan


David Crighton Urban Landscapes

Visual Art Ontario

David Crighton’s fascination with art and architecture developed into a career which combines them both. Since graduating from Central Technical School in 1974 David Crighton has been recording the architectural diversity of Toronto & Southern Ontario with his distinctive style.
Pen and ink drawings with the addition of bright acrylic paint are the basic ingredients of David’s art-making techniques. In addition to that, he utilizes computer software to enhance the finished products by the insertion of custom lettering on various elements of the design such as billboards, newsboxes and marquees.”


Ann Clow

Visual Art Nova Scotia

“…travelling enriches both my life and my art. The vibrancy of colour and texture in locations such as Peru and Mexico infuses my own colour palette, particularly within my abstract paintings.”
Ann Clow, Yarmouth Nova Scotia