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Gabrielle Fischer Horvath

Visual Art Ontario

Gabrielle F. Horvath creates life size figurative bronze sculptures in a highly unusual and creative style. Her “sand cast” poured images are a visual of color and texture, incredibly organic, sensual and dramatic figures. “Genesis” the first grouping highlights wall hung or standing figures dramatically posed with a lace like quality. Splashes of reds, black, rust, brilliant golds and orange form a tapestry of overlapping layers reminiscent of a Pollock painting with a raw quality. Watching the process is as intriguing as are the works.


110 Royal Palm Drive
Brampton, ON
L6Z 1P7


Christa Gampp

Visual Art Ontario

Canadian Artist Christa Gampp
My latest body of work explores the Still Life genre. The subject is arranged within the parameters of a colour field composition to produce a dynamic visual structure. Attention is directed toward exploring colour relationships and symbolic connections. Through the painterly translation of a real phenomenon, with a focused center of interest and the gradual dissolving and integration into the background, it is my hope to touch upon the lyrical and poetic language of art. Within the canon of colour, the viewer is invited to feel the bipolarity of the sanguine-melancholy predestination, given to us in our cradle.